ParInvest Logo


ParInvest is a global consulting firm focused on the needs of foreign clients wishing to invest in the United States. The company offers acquisition, disposition, leasing and property management services for residential and commercial real estate, specializing in exclusive properties in premium locations with strong demand characteristics. Parinvest Asset Management is a joint venture between investment banking group Crédit des Alpes, globally recognized for its consolidated experience in financing and investing in exclusive real estate transactions around the world, and Parinvest LLC, one of the largest real estate brokerages and asset management groups in South Florida. To date, Parinvest Asset Management’s portfolio of investment opportunities ranges from Miami Beach hotel condominium units to commercial net leased properties and redevelopment projects in New York City and Los Angeles.

My job was to design a logo for them. I got the project via 48hourslogo.com. Well, it’s not really a project since we’re competing there in 48hourslogo. My logo won and they chose my logo. After the logo design, they also asked me to create the animated version of the logo, to be used on their website. I built it with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. All those tools were still in its infancy back then.

Project Challenge

This was my first time working internationally and remotely with people from different country. I was in Indonesia and the client was in the USA. There was a significant time difference between us. Collaboration was all done via email, so it’s kinda slow since each of us would have to wait for the others to wake up and check their email. I got many lesson learned from this kind of collaboration for another remote international work.