Sejiwa Foundation

20-sejiwaYayasan Semai Jiwa Aminin (SEJIWA) is non profit organization who works in education field. It main concern is to stop bullying in educational institution. Sejiwa want to emphasize the importance of self-actualization through some norms i.e integriry, empathy, respect, tolerancy and responsibility. Sejiwa foundation is empowered by experts in pshycology, education and many other professional. It has gather partnership with government agencies, schools, local & international NGO, education institution, mass media, companies and influential figure to achieve its mission. Its partner include: Exxon Indonesia, GE Indonesia, Plan Indonesia, CRC (Child Right Coalition) Asia.

My job was to built a website for them. This website was meant to be the central power house of any of their social campaign. It was built using wordpress with custom built theme.